Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

According to research, United States has been using diesel oxidation catalysts with commercial vehicles since 1991. The name comes from its ability to oxidize several gas components in the exhaust using oxygen. The main function of this catalyst is to change harmful and dangerous diesel pollutants into harmless products. Any country that is fully grown considers this catalyst very important in reducing environmental pollution.

Basically, what you can capture fast about DOC is:

  • It converts carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to water and carbon dioxide
  • It oxidizes very harmful particulates into harmless byproducts.
  • It eliminates most of the muffler requirement.

But how does diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) really work?

How Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Works

DOC simply enhances chemical oxidation of diesel pollutants which include: Carbon Monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons that are gas phased (HC) and Sulfate Organic Formations (SOF). These are the 3 main byproducts released by diesel engines.

It is worth noting that there is also Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in diesel that is as a result of combustion of fuels that contain sulfur. SO2 is oxidized to Sulfur trioxide (SO3) and when SO3 is hydrated it gives forth Sulfuric acid, which may be considered as an undesirable product.

Another undesirable emission is the oxidation of NO to NO2 which is more toxic and it reduces the quality of the air. The control systems of the current diesel emission have designed oxidation catalyst to produce high levels of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Hydrocarbons form Carbon dioxide and water in form of vapor when it passes through the catalyst. Carbon Monoxide is oxidized to produce carbon dioxide. Generally, water and carbon dioxide is the main byproducts after oxidation. They are considered as harmless to the environment.

  • Catalytic Reactions

The above can be captured in the following chemical reactions:

For Sulfur Dioxide:

2SO2 + O2 = 2SO3

SO3 + H2O = H2SO4

For Nitrogen Trioxide:

NO + 1/2O2 = NO2


For Hydrocarbons:

(Hydrocarbons) + O2 = CO2 + H2O

For Carbon monoxide:

CO + 1/2O2 =CO2

In summary catalytic reactions involves three main stages:

  1. Incorporation of Oxygen to the catalytic sites
  2. The reaction of various reactants like carbon monoxide, sulfurs, and hydrocarbon take place. This reaction is called oxidation. These reactants mix with oxygen to emit various byproducts like water, carbon dioxide, and various sulfurs.
  3. Reaction changes anything harmful in nature into harmless products which diffuse through the exhaust gas.

  • Benefits of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

As you may have noticed DOC comes along with lots of benefits that both beneficial to the environmental conservancy and human health. It is, therefore, necessary you make sure your diesel engine is fitted with the oxidation catalyst whether you are using it on or off the road.

Some of the benefits of DOC include:

  1. It oxidizes diesel pollutants into harmless products like water and carbon dioxide. This reduces air pollution consequently reducing respiratory diseases like asthma and cancer that are as a result of carbon monoxides and sulfur oxides.
  2. It oxidizes various non-regulated emissions like aldehydes. This helps in reduction of odor that comes along with gases from diesel exhaust.

In conclusion, therefore, any person who minds the well-being of other people should fit their diesel engines with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. You will save a life of your friend by doing that. It is worth it.


How to Hire the Right Solicitor

What does the solicitor specialise in?

Have you found yourself involved in a legal claim? Would you like to hire a solicitor in Maryborough who could guide you through your messy divorce? No reason why you need to hire a solicitor, make sure you keep the following things in mind to find the right person to help you.

Different solicitors have a specific field they specialise in. Someone who deals with family law can give the best advice when it comes to alimony and pre-nuptials. Similarly they would also be able to help you with issues regarding child custody. For those who are looking for solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims might have to find someone who has enough experience to help them win the claim.

Before settling on a particular solicitor just make sure they are experts who could help you with your particular legal issues.

Solicitors in Maryborough

Their experience

Hiring someone who is experienced can help you a great deal. You get the best advice and you can rest assured that they would do a great job in helping you out. Though you may require someone who has enough experience, keep in mind that they may charge you a higher sum. If budget is an issue you might consider hiring someone who has less experience but who could help you just the same. This doesn’t mean that you write off solicitor who might not have years of experience.

  • Make sure you ask them about any previous cases they have dealt with.
  • Any history of winning previous cases which might be similar to yours
  • How they can go about helping you gain a upper hand during the course of the case

Asking these questions would help you get a fairly good idea regarding the kind of solicitor you are dealing with and whether they are the right person for the job or not.

What resources they can use to help you?

Employing a solicitor just doesn’t mean you have to just rely on their experience to help you win a case. They also need to have access to the right resources which could help your case become stronger and put thing in your favor. Whether they have access to personal investigators and in case of medical claims the right access to the doctors. All these things are pretty important when it comes to gathering evidence to help strengthen your case.

Their commitment level

Though this is something which you won’t know first-hand, but make sure you ask around for lawyers who are dedicated and committed to their clients cause. The best way to do so is

  • Asking about it in your friend or family circle. If you know someone who have hired a solicitor in Maryborough, ask them about their personal experience while dealing with a particular solicitor.
  • You can even look them up the internet. Simply type in solicitors in Maryborough and you would be flooded with results immediately. Now all you got to do is pick someone with great reviews left by previous clients.

All this and a little bit of research on your part could help you find the right solicitor to help you with any legal issues.