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Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company

Being in the era of technology many traditional companies and even start-ups are looking towards Digital Marketing Companies, to widen their customer base or to help them develop a customer base. In recent years many Digital Marketing Companies have emerged, leaving many prospective clients with the dilemma of deciding which specific services would be best for their businesses.

Businesses generally hire Digital Marketing Companies when their businesses are not as profitable as they once were, when new competitors emerge and try to threaten their legacies, when they decide that they want to expand their customer base to include the new generation, or when they are a new business that wants to compete with the more prominent ones.

A good Digital Marketing Company generally has a variety of staff members who specializes in aspects such as digital advertising, public relations, web development, content marketing, influencer marketing, graphic design and social media marketing just to name a few.

  • Social Media Marketing

Many major businesses have, in the past few years, developed a dominant presence on social media sites. A business can never go wrong when there is strong interaction between it and its customers. Social Media Marketing essentially includes everything that a business might do on social media sites, to gain attention to its name and its products and services.

Digital Marketing Companies undertake the activity of Social Media Marketing for its clients. Facebook and Twitter are currently two of the most recognized social media platforms. Facebook allows its members to share photos, create events, share updates and a range of other activities. Twitter is design to allow its members to share updates and short messages.

When a company account is created on one of these sites, this account generally produces information on the specific company’s products and services. Some of these pages get creative in obtaining an audience for the page through entertaining comments and images. This strategy generally increases the traffic to a website, which results in a wider knowledge of the products and services being offered by that particular company.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fairly new method that some Digital Marketing Companies employ, however, if done correctly it can prove to be just as effective as the more established methods in Digital Marketing. Influencer marketing is when an influential member of society, with an extensive fan base, is employed by a company to represent its brand.

Influencer marketing is commonly seen every day on social media sites, where certain individuals who have a large following base would promote ads for certain companies. Influencer marketing is also transferred over to advertisement, where you will see a top celebrity in a commercial for a particular company.

Instagram models are becoming a popular trend that receives a large following. Many companies take advantage of this platform by having these models wear their brands and post pictures in them, or talk about the company’s products on their page.

Influencer marketing is demonstrated in advisement when a well-known individual that excels in a particular field, is depicted wearing or talking about a gear that they use in their particular area. In some instances, many celebrities take part in advertising products that have nothing to do with their chosen professions, and in many of these instances, these products are still very well received by customers. Show just how great the influencer marketing strategy is. Visit this Digital Marketing Company for more details.

SEO Services for Fiordland

There are a wide variety of Search Engine Optimiser (SEO) services and SEO service providers that are available and frequently used by a large collection of clienteles. One of the key attributes to having a successful website, and by extension a profitable business or increase in awareness of a specific cause, product or service, is the ability to have frequent traffic directed to your website. Many SEO services are available that give a website the privilege of having a more pronounced presence in the results of search engines.These services are generally distinguished by either one of two labels; white hat SEO services or black hat SEO services.

SEO Services

White Hat SEO Services

White Hat SEO Services are generally techniques used to generate traffic to a website, which is respectable to a search engine terms of service. One such technique is the production of quality content, which mainly comprise of generating interesting original quality pieces that gives your audience desired information and a little something extra; presentation makes all the difference. Another technique is keyword usage, when creating your website you should have certain keywords that describe your content in mind and these can be used along with key phrases to attract the intended audience.

The use of titles is also an important White Hat SEO Service; ensure that your title is not misleading. The title should be reflective of what is contained in the body of the webpage. Securing quality inbound links is another White Hat SEO Service; however this is one of those instances where quality outweighs quantity. If your website is created to increase the customer base for your phone store, having your link on another prominent phone store website would be more ideal than a beer website.

The use of  White Hat SEO Services, unlike its counterpart, creates a gradual but lasting growth in ranking for your website.

Black Hat SEO Services (Not Recommended)

Black Hat SEO Services usually result in a fast growth in ranking for your website. This is because these services are designed to exploit weaknesses in search engine algorithms to generate traffic to a website. There is however no guarantee that these techniques will go undetected for very long, and the penalties can result in devastating effects for a website.

A major Black Hat technique is the creation and usage of gateway or doorway pages, what these basically do is automatically redirect a search engine user to your page when they click on the link containing the supposed information they are searching for. Though this technique might increase the traffic to your site, you will rarely be able to keep the audience.

Another Black Hat technique, though a few might disagree, is the use of keyword stuffing. In general a page on a site should have three to four key words, which should include a phrase or two. Keyword stuffing takes the form of using twenty to thirty keywords and/or phrases, to highlight the content present on a single webpage of a website.

Link farming also holds a prominent position in the Black Hat SEO Services. They are generally websites created with no real purpose than to provide links to other websites, which in most cases are a list of websites offering unrelated content. Like any other Black Hat SEO Services, link farming puts your website at risk of being banned, while providing no real advantage and this is because there is no real guarantee that this service will increase your website traffic.


When you are looking for a company that offers SEO, ensure you are using a company that offers complete transparent SEO Services for your business. Please see our homepage for additional information.